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Minuteman Press Powell is the right place for all your printing needs in Portland, Oregon.

The staff of Minuteman Press Powell is taking every precaution necessary to ensure the health and safety of our staff and customers as we continue to serve the public daily. We are open offering curbside assitance and, as always, local delivery. Please pull up and call (503)234-2040, someone will be there to promptly assist you.

Thank you for your patience as we follow strategies and measures recommended by the CDC and the Oregon Health Authority.

If you have specific concerns, please connect with us at  or (503)234-2040.

Stay safe and let's all wash our hands! 

Minuteman Press Powell in Southeast Portland at SE 20th and Powell, offers a variety of print shop services including: offset printing, high speed digital printing in both color and black and white, wide format printing, online ordering, and mailing services. We offer free delivery within the Portland Metro area, plus our sales professionals will meet with you on site and provide free estimates for your project.

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  • Your business card is a direct reflection of your company. Don't settle for plain paper and dull designs when we can create cards that will leave a lasting impression.

  • Whether you need a simple one-color design or multi-color with foil embossing, we'll deliver personal and professional stationery you will be proud to use.

  • Flyers are the perfect way to grab attention and promote your brand, especially when created and produced by our professional staff.

  • Think of us as your marketing partner. We'll help you produce and distribute a brochure that promotes your product, reinforces your brand and boosts sales.

  • A simple postcard could be your next big marketing piece. Let us help you create one that gets noticed, read and remembered.

  • If looking professional is important, then dressing up your documents in quality presentation folders is a must. It can even increase your odds of landing a potential client.

  • With a branded, custom-printed calendar, you can keep your company in front of your client all year long.

  • Whether you have your own concept and design or you need assistance getting started, our team will create direct mail pieces that get results.

  • Choose the gift that keeps on selling. Selecting the right product from our extensive list of promotional products can provide a great return on your investment.

  • We print a wide selection of labels and stickers for a variety of purposes with unlimited designs.

  • Producing a catalog, journal or newsletter is never an easy task, but with guidance from Minuteman Press, you'll end up with a product that you are proud to distribute.

  • We can provide you with all your greeting card and invitation needs, from those essential corporate holiday greeting cards down to simple event invitations.

  • A professionally designed and printed menu can be one of the most cost effective and potentially profitable investments that a restaurant can make. Let us help you with yours.

  • They're not just for restaurants anymore. Table tents are great for any type of countertop display or for events where you want to promote something special.

  • Regardless of the size of your business, we have the styles and expertise to design forms and checks that are right for your company.

  • Organize your materials with professionally designed, custom-printed binders and tabs.

  • Have an event coming up? We're your ticket to tickets with a wide variety of styles and sizes.

  • Did you know that using variable data can potentially increase your ROI 5-10 times more than traditional direct mail campaigns?

  • Make life easier with custom made stamps created for either your business or personal use.

  • Eye-catching, colorful door hangers can be an effective way of getting someone's attention while delivering your message.

  • Broadcast your message and attract new customers with affordable rack cards that are sure to grab attention.

  • Recognize and commemorate special moments and accomplishments with awards and plaques fit for all ages.

Printing in Portland

Minuteman Press Powell is a full-service Portland printer who offers the print services you need when you need them. Experienced and knowledgeable staff coupled with high quality equipment make us stand out from the rest. See what our Customer Reviews are saying or add your own. We'd love to hear from you!


What Others Are Saying

10 Golden Rules of Marketing to Follow in 2021

We’re well into the first month of the year, which means there’s still time to set your marketing strategy for 2021. While there might not be “official” rules to magically make your marketing materials a success, these are some tried and true tactics to help you get the results you’re seeking. While every business is different, there are some strategies that work for everybody. So write these down, print them out and remind yourself weekly to follow these 10 golden rules for marketing success in the coming year.


1. Know Thy Customer

Your customers are the reason you’re in business. But do you know who it is that you’re truly serving? Try this exercise to see how much you know about your typical customer. Sit down with your team to develop persona types. Define their age, gender, interests, hobbies and anything else you can think to dream up. This will help as you write marketing materials. Personas can determine the tone of voice, language you use and so much more.

2. Use What You Know

Branching out is a great idea, but you should never forget the product or service that has gotten you to this point. Ask yourself what’s worked well in the past. Then take it a step further and ask yourself why marketing was particularly successful for a product or service. Do more of the things you’re good at in 2021 for continued success.

3. Invest in Thy Website

A website could make or break your business. That may sound extreme, but it’s entirely true. A website in the 21st century is a source of credibility. If you make it easy to purchase or take next steps, your chances of success skyrocket. Invest in a clean, functional design that leaves no roadblocks to convert a brand new customer. Make the checkout experience seamless, or the process of contacting you easy. 


4. Always Use a CTA

CTA stands for “call to action.” There are various types of actions you could want your end-users to take, from “Shop Now” to a simple “Learn More.” Think of your CTA as next steps. While you might think it’s obvious what your audience should do after interacting with your marketing materials, that’s not always the case. Be clear and state exactly what you want them to do. 


5. Reevaluate Thy Plans

There’s no shame in changing your game. In order for your business to succeed, you must constantly reevaluate what is working and what is not. Take failed campaigns in stride and try to get to the bottom of the failure. Don’t be afraid to poll your audience to see what they liked and what they didn’t.

6. Simplify Thy Message

Your business has a lot to say, but be careful not to let your excitement take over. Your audience needs a clear, concise message. Choose the most compelling tidbits of information to capture their attention, and consider saving the rest for another campaign. In this case, less is more.


7. Avoid PR Blunders

This one sounds like a no-brainer, yet tons of brands make this mistake year after year. The best way to avoid PR mistakes is to air on the side of caution. The person or people in charge of your social media presence should be those with good judgement. Your marketing materials should go through a vetting process. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.


8. Try Something New

You’ll never know unless you try. While you should stick to the tried and true tactics that got you to where you are today, trying something new could be a gamechanger. Consider a new website design, a new social media platform or a completely new marketing strategy. 


9. Ask the Right Questions

Lifelong learners are often great entrepreneurs. That’s because they know that learning is never done, and there are always improvements to be made. Question whether your marketing tactics are truly working. Ask your customers how you’re doing. Gather feedback every chance you can, and then use the feedback to get better.


10. Go with the Flow

What works for one business may not work for another. Plans change. Pandemics happen, even. There is no possible way to plan for what the future holds, so the best your business can do is remember to be flexible and agile. When life throws a curveball at you, remember to pivot when needed. 


While we can’t guarantee a home run with every marketing campaign, sticking to these golden rules is sure to help you improve your odds of success. By developing clear, concise and creative campaigns, 2021 is sure to be your year. Get out there and put these golden rules into action!

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